Taking the fear away



He did it 🎉🎉🎉...... Finally 😂😂


Beckham has been working on this Mountain Bike jump with our Loam Lander Airbag for a long time. Countless run ups and last minute deployment of the brakes have occurred. Tears of pain and joy have been shed. Some proud and not so proud parent/ child interactions occurred 🤣. But now he knows he can do it.


Watching and being involved with this process has been such a great analogy to life. How often do we let our fears control everything else? Do you pull the brakes last minute just before your about to Soar like and 🦅? Do we get mad at those that are pushing or wanting us to succeed, knowing we are holding ourselves back? Also do our mentors break down and stop mentoring right when we need it the most, thinking all is lost and it's never going to happen? My advise is to take your fingers off the brakes and trust. You might really enjoy where the ride takes you.