Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the expected delivery time?

Since our products are specifically tailored to each of our customers’, the timeline has some variance.

Once the design is submitted and confirmed it will generally take 2-3 weeks for the time the order is placed until the product is ready to be shipped.  Shipping by boat takes around 3-4 weeks depending on your location.*

* Due to the global pandemic, and world wide shipping backlogs, delivery may be longer than expected.  If you need your lander fast we can arrange for air transport but a large shipping fee would apply.  Feel free to contact us if this is something you would like to do. 

Where are Loam Lander airbags produced?

The Loam Lander Factory is in China.  Working directly with our own factory allows us to keep our costs down, which in turns allows us to be extremely competitive with other companies.  Our factory provides the highest quality product through its state-of-the-art automation providing an excellent final product.  We might be a little biased, but your Loam Lander is better than anything else in the market. 

What size generator do I need to power the blower for the airbag?

Loam Lander’s – The Sessions, Better Than MulchLoam Lander O.G.

Generator needed: 2200W

 Loam Lander’s – M35, The Sugar Glider, Jimbo

Generator needed: 3600W – 5400W

*Please do not run more than one blower on a cord and try to keep the cords no longer than 60ft as this can cause irreparable damage to blower.

Will I have to pay import duty on the airbag or is this included in the price?

For all US deliveries it is included. All other countries have different rules and regulations, please request a quote when ordering.  When possible, we will provide a final price including import/duty fees.

***Disclaimer - Orders outside of the United States of America, additional country specific import fees and taxes may apply.  Additional fees are responsible for the buyer and are not included in the prices shown, we will provide a quote as soon as possible.  We will be very transparent on shipping and delivery costs to avoid any miscommunication and or surprises.***

Lifetime repair kits, what does this mean?

Exactly that, we will provide lifetime patch kits for all normal wear and tear. With everything there has to be some exceptions, so if you drive over it with your truck, remove the heavy-duty top sheet, don't use the ground cloth, and/or try using it as a pool floatie, etc it probably won't be covered.  If you find a hole or any other damage occurring during normal use we will send you a patch kit with simple instructions. 

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, our high quality Landers have a two year manufacturers warranty.  If you need to make a claim send us information related to the damage and we will help you through the warranty process and resolution. 

The blower has a One year warranty.  If it fails, we'll send you a new one.

Can I ride my Motorcycle on a Loam Lander?

If you plan using it primarily for Moto use or your goal is flipping your mini bike on it every day let us know. We can design and manufacture a top sheet specifically designed for this use. Our landers are stoutly built.

If I wreck on a lander I wont get hurt, right?

Extreme sports always have inherent and expected dangers.  Airbag landing ramps greatly reduce the chance of injury but unfortunately sometimes bad stuff happens. Helmets, pads, and other safety gear is highly advised when using your Loam Lander. We have researched, designed, and developed the best lander available and are confident in its ability to help riders progress. Loam Lander is not liable for any injuries sustained when using these products.

Do you sponsor riders, can you send me a free airbag?

Great question, send us your resume.  Share with us why we should partner with you, how it benefits both of us, and we will review it on a case-by-case basis.  

Will you send me one for free?  Well....probably not, nope, sorry cannot do it.

Send us your resume, and we will review it.  If it makes sense for both of us we will reach out with some ideas, thoughts, and costs.