The Loam Lander Podcast

Podcast 17 Think twice before letting Brendan weld.... It could have been worse.

Loam Lander Podcast 17 Northwest Cup final race recap. Kevin slept in the Loambulance for the first time. We talk Injuries, race fun, and loam lander on the Podium 4 times. Brendan learns important welding lessons and more.

Podcast 16 Slow boat... What it takes to get Inflatable Landers to our customers.

Podcast 16 International shipping sucks ! Brendan and Kevin share what it takes to get Landers manufactured and shipped to our customers. The loamers have evolved, we talk about what that means and where it is going.

Podcast 15 The Loambulance and Loam Trailer

This week on the Loam Lander Podcast we share about some recent trips we've been off doing. We discuss some new projects we are working on and more. Check it out!!

Podcast 14 Interviewing PNW Ramps

Brendan Interviews Chris and Ethan Livingston with PNW Ramps. They are an incredible industry partner of Loam Lander. They share more about their product line and some of the upcoming products they have in the que.

Podcast 13 Tools of Progression

Loam Lander podcast 13 - Airbags are just tools of progression. Brendan and Kevin finish their discussion about the Bentonville bike fest. They also discuss progression and the tools of progression.

Podcast 12 Bentonville Bike Fest

Loam Lander Podcast 12 Bentonville bike fest. Brendan and Keven share the adventure of the bike fest. What a fun event and time.

Loam Lander Podcast 11 NW Cup Race Number 2 Recap.

Podcast 11 2nd NW cup race recap. Brendan and Kevin share a recap of a fantastic race weekend. We also introduce some new "Loamers"

Loam Lander Podcast 10 Launch Party of the Year!!

Launch party of the Year! Brendan and Kevin talk about the loam lander launch party and all of the excitement surrounding it.

Loam Lander Podcast 9 North West Cup Race Number 1 Port Angles Washington

Loam Lander Podcast 9 Northwest Cup Race Number 1 . Fantastic weekend in Port Angles racing with the Loam Lander Team. Kevin and Brendan share all of the fun had during the first NW cup race of the season.

Loam Lander Podcast 8 Troy Lee Designs, PNW Ramps, Sweetlines, Galbraith Gravity and More.

Loam Lander Podcast 8 Industry partners. We talk about our great relationship with our industry partners. Troy Lee Designs, PNW Ramps, Sweetlines race team, Galbraith Gravity Race Team, and Hellion Bikes. We share how these relationships were formed .

Loam Lander Podcast 7 How did we get here?

Kevin and Brendan tell stories about their mountain biking journey. We learn to always make sure Kevin closes the trunk, and how sometimes you just show up and join the race. Brendan is a sucker for trails named bobsled...

Loam Lander Podcast 6 Announcing The Loam Lander Race Team

Kevin and Brendan Announce the creation of team Loam Lander. Our newest official sponsor Troy Lee Designs. Share information about the first race at the 2021 hubapalooza in Spokane Washington.

Loam lander Podcast number 5 Big Announcement

Loam Lander Podcast 5 Brendan and Kevin Make a very important announcement. Talk through the product line and build the stoke.

Loam Lander Podcast 4 Brendan Gives Bad Advise

Brendan and Kevin discuss good times riding, bad advise given to a new rider. Interview Backyard Shredder and talk about their favorite trails. Loam Lander is a Inflatable airbag company that specializes in the Very best Mountain Bike, Bmx Airbag landers and flat bags.

Loam Lander Podcast 3 Ejection...

 Kevin and Brendan share some funny lander stories, talk about industry trends and the M35 flat lander. They also answer a few questions submitted from our followers.

Loam Lander Podcast 2 Sessions Lander

Brendan and Kevin share their process in how they designed the Loam Lander Sessions Mountain Bike and BMX inflatable airbag lander. They discuss why this is the most portable and sessionable lander in their product line.

Loam Lander Podcast 1 Meet the Loam Lander Founders!

Who is Loam Lander? Loam Lander is a new startup inflatable airbag lander company. We specialize in products that encourage taking a risk, all while reducing the fear of failure. Our Mountain bike / Bmx landers and flat airbags are tool that everyone, novice to pro should be able to enjoy. Follow our journey as we re-invent action sports.